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Valley of the Fallen

This monument of colossal dimensions is located right in the Sierra of Guadarrama, 8 km from the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and on an extension of 1,365 hectares, whose work was begun by Pedro Muguruza in 1940 and were finished by Diego Méndez in 1958.

A levelled area of 30,600 m2 makes up the base of this architectonic work. The Crypt, decorated in an austere and sober style, is excavated in the rock and has a length of 262 m. and a maximum height of 41 m.

The immense Cross of 150 m., constructed of concrete and granite, is accessed by means of a funicular, hidden in the mountain, and an interior elevator that makes it possible to go to the arms of the cross.

Behind is found the Benedictine Abby and other buildings where the library and lodging is located. The monumental sculptural groups conceived by Juan de Avalos also stand out.

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